Friday, July 17, 2015

Columbus Zoo Day!

Friday morning we all headed to Whitney's so the kids could surprise Whitney before the zoo. She was very surprised!

Then we all went to the zoo. We started at the Africa exhibit where we saw the lions up close. The lion was laying on a "crashed" airplane wing. Next we fed the giraffes! Declan loved it! The giraffe's long tongue wrapped around his arm. He laughed and laughed. Poor Declan sobbed when we left the giraffe. Elizabeth was frightened of the giraffe and cried to get away from it.

Next we went to see the polar bears. The two polar bears were both out for us to see. They were huge! All the kids loved seeing the two bears wander around. 

After visiting the polar bears, we all went to eat lunch. While we were eating lunch, we heard a thunderstorm approaching! It started to rain so we ran to the elephant enclosure to wait out the storm. Once the rain had passed we visited the tigers! 

When we were done visiting the tigers, our group split up for nap time! Declan, Thomas, Brad and I went to visit the aquarium. We saw sharks, tropical colored fish, and manatees! 

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