Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cedar Point

Tuesday morning we got up early to head to Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital! We drove for two hours through farm lands and small towns before we finally arrived at Cedar Point.
Resting up for the big day 


Farm country 

Arriving at Cedar Point 

Brad, Glenn and Whitney immediately headed to the Gatekeeper, the newest thrill ride. Nana and I took Declan to Kiddie Land for some Declan sized rides. He loved it and would cry if we had to stand in even a short line.

We met at the roller coaster riders about 2 hours later (yes the line was that long) and headed to some more rides. We ate lunch together and then rode more. Declan did Camp Snoopy and all the rides in there, either by himself or with one of us. He was a real trooper all day and took a great nap in his stroller.

Glenn and Declan went to the petting zoo while we rode the rapids. Lynne and Whitney got absolutely drenched! Brad and I walked away dry!

Then we all went to ride the horse races! Glenn and Nana headed home. We stayed until close and rode two more huge roller coasters. The Maverick was amazing. Whitney and I made it to the top in time to see the sunset over Lake Erie. It was incredible! Then Brad and I did the the Millenium which was also great. After a long, fun day we headed to the hotel for bed.

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