Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Red, White and Zoo!

Grammy and I took Declan to the zoo to celebrate Red, White and Zoo! It was an awesome day at the zoo. The keepers planned special activities with several of the animals. We had a wonderful time seeing the different activities.

First we visited the three tiger brothers. We hadn't seen them since May, so it was really great to see them. The brothers had been given a giant blue ball, a cardboard box and a red star to play with. All three were very active. Two of them got into the water and went for a swim! We loved seeing them so up close and having fun.

Next we went to see the lions. The lions had several toys also: a box, giant bones to gnaw on, a balloon and a blue ball. The lions were super active too. All three of the cubs were gnawing on bones. The daddy lion was playing with the balloon and the mom lion was smacking around the ball. She ran up to the glass right where we were standing and hit the ball into the glass with a huge thud! It was awesome! Declan squealed in surprise and then laughed. 

The hippos received their treat next so we walked over to see that. While we were waiting Declan went over to play on the hippo statue. Unfortunately as we were playing, he slipped and smacked his head with a huge thunk on the concrete. He cried and cried. His forehead immediately was bruised and swollen. Poor little guy! He frequently touched his head throughout the day and said "head, ouch." Anyway, we walked over to the hippo pond. The keepers threw a watermelon into the water and Water Lily snatched it up and gobbled it down. The keepers threw in a second melon to Lupe, but she didn't see it and just floated around.  The keepers threw in a third melon very close to Lupe and she finally saw it. She smashed it underwater and chewed until pieces were floating all around her.  It was the best part of the whole day. 

After the hippos, we walked over to see the wolves, bear, and otters. The otters were give a live fish to chase! It was incredible how fast he could go! The bears went for a swim and the wolves were playing with popsicles. 

After visiting the northern trail, we sat down for lunch. Then we went to see the orangutans get their special treat. The keepers put watermelon, dumped buckets of popcorn, popsicles and jello all over the enclosure! When the keepers let the orangutans out they ran for the food. One leaned over and began sucking up as much popcorn as she could! It was hilarious.

Last we checked out the gorillas getting their treat, but it wasn't very exciting. Declan was so worn out we decided to end our zoo day! It was great and we are excited to see next year's Red, White and Zoo! 

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