Monday, September 12, 2016

Disneyland: Monday!!

Monday we hustled into California Adventure to see Olaf and get tickets to Frozen at the Hyperion! Once again Paula was our hero and ran for our tickets! Declan loved meeting Olaf! He gave him a hug and then tickled him!

After visiting Olaf, we rode the Monster's Inc ride which Declan really enjoyed! 

Next we went to the Disney Visa stand to visit Daisy Duck! Declan was a little shy at first, but eventually warmed up to her! 

Next we walked down Buena Vista street. We saw the sign for Anna and Elsa and Declan decided he needed to see them. After standing in line for what felt like forever, he was next and announced he had to potty. I told him to hold it. Once we got up there, he wanted nothing to do with Anna and Elsa! I had to talk to the first and eventually he stood sort of near them! 

We meandered down Buena Vista street and stopped for a burger at the cafe near Soaring. After lunch we headed straight to the Hyperion to watch the show "Frozen." Here's Mao and Paula standing in line. 

While we waited to see Anna and Elsa, Papa and Brad rode the Tower of Terror. They were bored, not terrorized. The Tower will be taken down next year to make room for a new ride. 

Declan and a few others took naps during Frozen. As soon as the show was done we ran to Radiator Springs Racers to use our Fast Passes. Brad and Papa watched Declan sleep in his stroller while the three of us rode! 

Once again my car won the race! Three times in a row! 

When we met up with the guys, we took advantage of our park hopper ticket and walked over to Disneyland. Declan was just waking up so we snapped a few pictures without him! 

Once we entered the park we headed straight to toon town! Declan loved every minute of it. Mostly he ran around looking at the different buildings including Mickey, Minnie and Goofy's houses! He also got to ride Gadget's Go Coaster and play in Chip and Dale's tree house. 

 Riding the Toon town trolley.

Brad, Papa, Declan and I took a ride on Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin... it was lame! 

After visiting Mickey's Toon Town we wandered over to Small World. Just as we were getting on the boat, two crazy ladies flung themselves out of their boat ride, which was just ending and jumped on to our boat! We were quite surprised to see Mao and Paula join our boat,especially since they totally broke the rules and didn't even get in trouble. 

The old people watched Declan for a few mintues so Brad and I could ride the Matterhorn bobsleds, which is one of my favorite rides!! 

While standing in line for the Casey Junior train ride, Declan and Brad tried out the Dumbo elephant! 

Declan appropriately chose the Monkey Cage on the Casey Jr Train ride! 

After riding the train we went to the Jolly Holliday Bakery for delicious sandwiches and hot chocolate abuelitas. We got our glow necklaces ready to head back to California Adventure for World of Color. 
On the way to World of Color we ran into Mickey and Minnie in their 20's outfits so of course we had to stop and say hello! Once again Declan was super excited to see him. 

We left the mice and rushed to see the World of Color show. We found a spot next to the garbage can. The next thing we knew a plaid vest lady came and grabbed us and escorted us back to VIP seating!!! It was incredible. All of us loved the show, the lights, the music was amazing! We loved it. 

VIP seats was a spectacular end to our excellent day! 

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