Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September Zoo Day

Tuesday we took Elias and Declan to the zoo! We had a beautiful, sunny day! There was hardly anyone at the zoo which made it even more fun! The boys really enjoyed being together. We got to see baby Yola playing with a burlap sack. We saw her once during the summer but there were so many people we could barely see her. We had an up close view this time. 

Checking out the penguins!

Looking at the Orangutans. 

Visiting the Komodo dragons. 

We visited the lions, too! 

Of course we checked out the animals of the African Savannah including Lupe and Lily, the hippos. 

Two baboons

As we were driving out of the parking lot Declan asked Elias if he'd like to go to Spud for fish and chips. Elias enthusiastically said yes! It was delicious. 

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