Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Disneyland: Tuesday

On Tuesday we headed to the park early for our Magic Morning! We had early entry to the park. We hadn't had a chance to ride Space Mountain yet and that's my very favorite ride. The waits had been about an hour each day so we hadn't made time to do it. We started off our Magic Morning by riding it! It had been tricked out for Halloween, so it wasn't as fun as I remembered it, but it was still great.

Papa, Brad and I rode it while Mao took Declan on Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters three times! Each time he got off the ride he yelled "more!" We went over and rode Astroblasters too.

We had to drag Declan away from Astro Blasters to ride the Finding Nemo submarines. He really enjoyed it! 

It started sprinkling while we were in line for the Nemo ride. We were all a bit hungry after our busy morning so we headed to the Jolly Holiday Bakery. Declan had a Mickey Mouse pumpkin muffin. He accidentally knocked it off his tray and it was immediately replaced! Disneyland is the best! I enjoyed a peanut butter chocolate whoopee pie with Brad and some hot chocolate since the morning was a bit rainy and cool. 

Next we stopped by the castle for a few pictures in the rain! 

Declan asked to go on Pirates of the Caribbean again. He rode with Papa and Mao while Brad and I sat in the back of the boat. After Pirates we met up with Paula. We walked down to Splash Mountain and saw there was no line because of the few sprinkles of rain that had fallen! Mao, Papa and I rode Splash while Declan went with Brad and Paula to meet Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore. 

Paula treated Declan to a special Pluto! He loves it, as you can tell! 

 We got there just in time to see Eeyore and Pooh!

Declan was thrilled to meet POOH! He gave him hugs and kisses!

Next we rode Pooh's ride. 

Then Declan, Mao, Papa and Paula went for a walk and Brad and I rode Splash Mountain! 

They stopped for a corn on the cob!

They explored Zocalo Park which was decorated for Dia de Los Muertos.

Declan got to have his face painted!

Then Paula took us to the Enchanted Tiki Room for a Dole whip! It was delicious! Declan gobbled his right down.

He loved watching the show in the Tiki Room. He bobbed his head and sang "tiki, tiki." 

Declan requested we return to the Haunted Mansion for another ride. He really enjoyed the bright colors and pumpkins! Then we went by the partner statue on our way to Fantasy Land. 

In Fantasy Land we rode Snow White's Scary Adventure and Pinocchio's Daring Journey! 

 We waited patiently in line to ride Mr. Toad, but the ride lost power! We left. Declan fell asleep in his stroller. We grabbed a late lunch followed by a little souvenir shopping.

As soon as Declan woke up, he wanted to go on Astro Blasters. Brad took him on it a few more times. Then we walked back down main street to Mickey's giant pumpkin. We took a few pictures. 

Declan spotted Pluto and ran to get in line. Just as it was his turn the line had to be moved. He cried that he wasn't getting to see Pluto. He did get to see him, but was so upset he could barely smile. 

Next we saw Mickey and Minnie in their Halloween costumes. Declan took a few minutes to warm up to them. Once he got used to them again he couldn't stop hugging Mickey.

Here are a few snap shots near the train depot. 

Last we saw Goofy! It was our first time seeing him in the park. He looked awesome in his skeleton costume! Declan was thrilled to see him and immediately asked for his autograph and then started giving hugs! 

After seeing Goofy, we walked to downtown Disney so Declan could see the Lego store. He played for a few minutes and then it was time to catch the shuttle back to the airport. I kissed him goodbye and he went off with Brad, Mao and Papa to the airport. Paula and I grabbed a little pizza at the hotel and then took a shuttle to the airport. We met up with them at the gate. Declan got into his pjs and was ready to fly home! 

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