Saturday, September 10, 2016

Disneyland Saturday: Our First Busy Day

Declan did his Disneyland countdown each day and was so excited when it was finally Friday so we could fly to Disneyland! 

At the airport in PJ's and ready to fly! 

We made it to LAX

Our first day at Disneyland was perfect! Paula, Brad, Declan and I flew down Friday night and arrived at our hotel about 12:30 in the morning Saturday. We were up early and ready to head to the park. We met Mao and Pop at the shuttle stop. Brad, Declan and I walked to the park.

 Once we arrived we saw all the Halloween decorations at Disneyland! Declan immediately spotted the Mickey Mouse giant pumpkin. Looking around he saw his first character, Donald Duck in his pumpkin suit. Declan was so excited. He patiently waited in line. When it was his turn, he ran forward with no hesitation and hugged Donald! Then he asked Donald to sign his autograph book. Brad had drawn pictures of most of the characters and Declan was so excited to show each character. Declan couldn't get enough of Donald! Finally we had to say goodbye so other children could see Donald!

Next we headed to Adventureland. We got fast passes for Indiana Jones. Then Declan got to see Aladdin, Genie and Jafar! Decaln really liked Genie and Aladdin, but was a bit scared of Jafar! Jafar
was hilarious and rude! Aladdin and Genie both got hugs from Declan. 


After that character visit we took Declan on his very first ride: Jungle Cruise! He loved it and sat quietly on the boat looking around at all the animals with wonder in his eyes. 

Next we went to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Once again Delcan was in complete of awe of all the sights surrounding him. He snuggled in close during the dark parts of the ride. After a loud boom from a cannon he told me "it's ok mommy, those just fireworks." We all really enjoyed the ride!

Unfortunately the Disneyland train was closed, however we got to go on it anyway, while it wasn't moving. Declan climbed in with the engineer and learned how do drive the train and refill it with fuel. When he was done, the engineer helped him cross the tracks. Then he got to pull the train whistle and checkout the caboose. 

 After we left the train Declan came across a band. He stopped to look at their instruments. They gave him Mardi Gras beads. Then the sax and trombone players played the Mickey Mouse song for him! He loved it! 

While we went on Indiana Jones ride, Paula took Declan for his first Dole whip and a trip to the Enchanted Tiki Room! Paula reported that he gazed at the birds in wonder and loved the Dole whip. He was supposed to share with her, but ended up devouring most of it! 

Next we ate a fish and chips lunch. Declan danced to the western music being played! After lunch we climbed in Tarzan's Treehouse. Declan walked on the rope bridge, rang the bell and played the other instruments. 

The Haunted Mansion was decorated for Halloween in the Nightmare Before Christmas holiday theme. We got fast passes so we could avoid the lines. I was a little nervous Declan would be frightened but it was so bright and colorful with the Halloween decorations that he just stared in wonder, once again. 

We had a fantastic morning and were running out of gas quickly. Paula and I took an exhausted Declan back to our hotel for a rest. We met up with the rest of the group in Tomorrowland for a ride on Astro Orbiter and Autopia! 

Next Declan asked to go see Star Wars so we visited Kylo Ren, Bobba Fett, and Chewbaca! Declan was a bit nervous to meet all three of them and needed some coaxing to stand near them. After he saw Kylo Ren he told me "Kylo Ren's my favorite but he's a little scary!" 

Next we did Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters. Declan loved it. It was quickly his very favorite ride! 

We also watched Mickey's Magic Map. Declan clapped and cheered for each singer. It was a marvelous performance. 

We had a few pictures taken by the castle! 

After the Magic Map we wandered down to watch the Soundsations parade. Declan laid on the pavement and stared at the whole parade. 

We had pizza dinner followed by a ride on the teacups with Daddy. 

We walked over to meet Mao and Pop for the fireworks. They'd been selected for VIP seating for the fireworks. We were able to sit with them for the show. Declan cheered and clapped yelling "super cool!" 

We wanted to go for more rides, but Declan fell asleep in his stroller. We walked to our shuttle and went home for the night. Declan never moved once the whole night. When he woke up he said "I'm sorry, mommy. I slept so long." 

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