Monday, March 23, 2015

Family birthday celebration

Brad, Declan and I went to Snohomish Sunday to celebrate our birthdays with the family. Before we left, Brad was trying to fix the hose bib and water started shooting out of the wall! He turned the water off, but we weren't able  to get showered for our celebration.

We got to my parents house and managed to get destinkified before everyone arrived. Scott, Kristine and Elias arrived first. Kristen brought Declan a book from her business trip to England. It's really cute. The book is shaped like a bus and takes the reader to several tourist destinations. He's already had us read it to him several times.

Paula, Todd and Great Nana arrived together. We all had fun watching the boys play with the blocks and a ball. We had a delicious roast for dinner with gingerbread for dessert.

Papa and the boys entertained us with a little post dinner music.

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