Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Sweet Declan woke up  Sunday with an encrusted booger nose. After I chiseled his nostrils out of that mess, Brad took care of Declan while I went to church. Declan was quiet all day Sunday and by mid day was running a fever, his first. He got sicker as the day went on. Monday and Tuesday I was subbing so Declan stayed at Grammy's during the day. Each day he was running a fever, hardly eating or drinking. When I picked him up Tuesday after work, he still had a fever and looked terrible. I called the nurse at his pediatrician's office and she suggested I take him right away to Children's urgent care. We waited 2.5 hours to see the doctor. I was thankful we waited since it turned out Declan has a "raging" ear infection in one ear. We were really surprised since he hadn't given any signs of an ear infection, no pulling on his ear and sleeping really well. He was prescribed amoxicillin. Of course I'm allergic to it! I had to glove up this morning before giving it to him. We were up a lot during the night with him sobbing. That's really unusual for him. This morning he ate a little banana and is actually walking around the room so I'm hoping we've turned the corner and will be better soon!  

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