Saturday, March 28, 2015

Adventure Week Day Two: Saturday at UW

Today was the second day of adventure week with Declan and Elias. We have just read Boys in the Boat. I suggested to end the book, we should attend a crew race at the University of Washington to see what it was really like. Today was Class Race day. All of the boats were filled by class, and then later by JV, Varsity and Freshman boat. We stood along the Montlake Cut near the finish line to watch the boats fly by us. I loved watching it. We could hear the announcer saying which boat was leading and by how many lengths. The announcer also told the number of strokes the boats were at for different parts of the race. It was so interesting to see it in action after just reading the book. When the boats passed us, we could hear the boys and girls grunting with exertion and the coxswain yelling and screaming. In one of the boats the coxswain was yelling the lengths along with a chant of "we're the best, we're the best, we beat them all."

After the races, Declan and Elias played at the park and then walked to the yacht club to look around.

We walked up to the University of Washington's quad and looked at the cherry blossoms, mostly on the ground! That didn't stop the boys from having fun.  

Next we went to the arboretum! We had a picnic lunch and walked on the rails through the wetlands.

The last activity for Saturday was climbing a huge, many armed tree in the arboretum! I think these boys will be doing lots of tree climbing in their future! 


Last there was some dandelion picking and sharing of flowers. 

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