Monday, March 16, 2015


Yes, this is Declan's blog, but sometimes I get to write about me! Today was my 34th birthday. I can't believe it. Sometimes I still wake up and think where am I and why is there another person on the other side of the bed? Then I remember I'm an adult and I'm married. Anyway, back to the birthday.

Brad had to work today, so Declan and I made plans to be with Grammy, Papa, Paula and Uncle Todd. After a busy morning, Declan and I went to pick up Paula at Island Crossing. On the way my phone kept chirping and chirping with text messages wishing me a happy birthday. I was telling Declan when I was a little girl (I know, that sounds like an old person story) people would call after dinner time to tell me happy birthday. It was nice, to hear someone's voice actually talking to you, instead of just reading a message. Anyway, as I was talking I mentioned that Uncle Dave used to always call me on my birthday. I'm not sure why that sticks out so clearly in my memory, because Paula and my grandparents always called too. Maybe it's because he didn't usually call to talk on the phone that I remember it so well. That's something that I've missed over the past 12 years, hearing his voice on my birthday. He's always managed to send me a message on my birthday, sometimes right up in my face and sometimes I have to infer and look for it. Today was no different. Just before the exit to Island Crossing, I noticed a black Corvette had pulled in front of me. I thought, well, that reminds me of Dave. I got in the right lane to exit and pulled up along side the Corvette, just as we approached the 70 mph sign. I glanced over at the car and the driver, smiled and signaled to me before slamming on the gas and zooming away. Some skeptics might think it was just coincidence, but I know that was my Uncle Dave's way of telling me happy birthday.

After picking up Paula we met everyone at the Camano Lodge for a delicious lunch. Mom and I shared a prime rib dip sandwich. We visited for quiet awhile and let Declan walk around the restaurant.

Todd invited us for a walk on the beach. Dad and I were holding Declan's hands to help him navigate the sand. He said "on to tree" so that we would swing him. :-) Then he got lazy and just said "tree" over and over.

Declan loved sitting in the sand, scooping it with a shell and dumping it all over his head. It was pretty cute. I wanted him to come walk on the rocks. He did, but had to stop every two steps to scoop sand on to his head. He really wanted to put his feet in the water. Lesson learned: bring boots when we go to Camano! We found a big drift wood fort called the sand bar. It had a little table, chairs, roof and even a sign.

Declan and I came home and walked around our front yard in the sun waiting for Brad to get home. Once he was home, we came in to make fondue for dinner. For dessert we had chocolate eclairs and a blueberry tart! Yum! Declan and Brad got me an Adirondack chair to sit in this summer while they serve me Popsicle. I dream big.  

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