Friday, March 27, 2015

Adventure Week Day One: Friday with Bunnies

Elias is spending the next week in Snohomish with Grammy and Papa. Declan and I have decided that we should do an adventure each day with Elias. Friday and Saturday were both busy days!

Friday Declan and I went to swimming lessons as usual. Declan practiced jumping into the pool by himself and floating on his back by himself. Afterwards we had waffles (as usual) with Paula and Great Nana. Then we went to Grammy and Papa's house. After a nap we took Elias and Declan to have their pictures taken with the Easter Bunnies! Elias and Declan loved looking at the bunnies in their crates. They even put their little fingers in the cages and tried to reach the bunnies. When it was picture time, Declan chose a black and white bunny named Oreo. Here is Declan and Oreo:

Elias crawled up on the bench with Declan and Oreo to get a few pictures together. He didn't enjoy the bunny quite as much as Declan. Here are the two boys: 

This is my favorite! They look like they are laughing over that bunny! 

Then Elias had his turn alone with Oreo. 

Since Elias didn't seem too fond of Oreo, Grammy suggested he try a small brown bunny. 

After the bunny pictures, we took the boys back to Grammy's house for scrambled eggs. Then Brad and I left the boys with Grammy and Papa to go to Marcy's 50th birthday party! The boys had a great slumber party! 

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