Sunday, March 8, 2015

University of Washington

On Saturday, Brad, Declan and I headed down to the UW to walk around campus and watch the Men's basketball game. The cherry blossoms were just starting to appear. We really enjoyed walking in the quad looking at the beautiful blossoms. Declan liked touching the trees and even sat in one. He wasn't feeling the best so there weren't too many smiles, but he did like walking around atna

Walking to the quad

Here we are admiring the blossoms in the quad: 

 After admiring the blossoms in the quad, we walked down to the fountain. Declan loved watching the geese and ducks swimming around. He also found some geese poop to play in.

 Next we walked over to the HUB to see the Husky statue.

Shaking paws

 Then we walked all the way down to Hec Ed for the basketball game. When we arrived we saw Harry the Husky and this husky:

Declan really enjoyed the game. He clapped and danced, until nap time. We brought our picnic lunch and ate it while we watched the players warm up. Here's Declan cheering: 

Declan also barked like a Husky when he heard everyone else do it too. 

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  1. For him, that's a lot of photos without smiling....