Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4th Zoo Day

Today Elias joined us at the zoo! We had a great day and enjoyed the animals. The boys walked all over and were curious about the animals.
Declan is looking for hippos!


Here are the lion cubs with their mom!

Next we went to see the elephants. Both Chai and Bamboo came out to say hello to us.

 The boys both liked seeing the Tapir.

 Declan loved playing by the elephant statue. Elias was a bit more hesitant, but eventually he came up to the elephant.

 Next we visited the Orangutans.

Declan is making his monkey sound right now. 

Everyone comes to the zoo to see the light post, right? 

Then we saw the Jaguar 

And the gorillas! She was sticking out her tongue at us when we arrived.

Here's Pop trying to wrangle the boys into a picture with the Silverback. 

More monkey noises....



 Playing in the boat by the Penguins

Last we headed to the Northwest exhibit to see the bear, otters, mountain goat, Stellar's Sea Eagle and the wolves. 

The boys had fun walking along the step looking at the otter until Declan decided to chase Elias and fell on his head. 

The boys were all worn out so we headed for home. 

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